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Find Your Balance In Life

Trying to balance work, education, family, social life, physical fitness, hobbies, and “me time” can be pretty dang hard - amiright?

I have struggled with this first hand, but the main thing that helps me and that I advise all of my clients to do is MAKE A SCHEDULE. Set times that you will do certain activities each week!

For example, mine looks like this:

- Quiet “me time” in the morning to read my Bible, read a devotional, journal, drink coffee and then I immediately get up and eat breakfast

- Then off to class or work (when we aren’t in isolation)

- I make sure to schedule what days and what time I will exercise

- I plan out any social events/gatherings I have

- And always be sure that I spend time with my loved ones

Now don’t overthink this (like I have), things may change, and schedules may shift a little, but give yourself the grace to admit that's okay and move on from it.

Ask your loved ones if they would like to go on a walk with you, workout with you, take a stab at your hobby so that you can do those things together. Instead of working out by yourself, join a group class so you can socialize!

Y’all, get help if you can! No one can really do “all the things” on their own and stay sane. If it would help for you to buy from a meal prep service, do that. If it would help that your spouse cleans the house on their day off so that’s one thing off your list, ask them in a way that they understand how overwhelmed you feel.

All you have to do is ask!

- Kaeli

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