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Healthy Thanksgiving

Want some tips and tricks on how YOU can have a healthier Thanksgiving? Read below for ways to elevate your holiday season!

Step 1 to having a Healthy Thanksgiving, enjoy time with friends and family being present in the moment. Step 2, do not be overly stressed about one day of food. Slipping up on one day will not ruin any progress that you have made thus far. Step 3, below are 5 tips you can use to navigate the holidays.

Exercise This time of year is busy for most people. With that being said, don’t drop your exercise routine. Keep working out 3-5 times per week. The fastest way to knock yourself out of a calorie deficit is by failing to workout consistently during the holiday season. Stay consistent with your workouts and you won’t have to stress out about food.

Start with Veggies and Meats Load up your plate with veggies and meats. It will fill you up on the good stuff first.

Watch your Liquid Calories Choose diet drinks, lower calorie adult beverages, or water. It is easy to be around good company enjoying yourself and in no time, you have had 500 calories to drink in a hurry.

Is Thanksgiving the only day it makes an appearance? We always have mac and cheese at our Thanksgiving get-togethers. That really does scream Thanksgiving like Turkey or stuffing does though. Ask yourself, “Is it worth it? Is this something that is available to me often?” Mac and cheese will have its day. Thanksgiving is for the festive foods.

Offer to Bring Food If you offer to bring a dessert, you can use a healthier recipe and you will have a go-to sweet treat when you go back for seconds.

Snack Before/Don’t Skip Meals Don’t go into the big meal ready to eat an entire horse. Eat a healthy snacks 1-2 hours before and do not skip out on breakfast or lunch. It is easier to overeat when the sensation of hunger has been building up all day long.

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