Weekend Workout Plans

I know we have mentioned this recently, but I want to try to help you out a little more with something that can set ALL of us back...the weekend! 

Once the weekend rolls around it's time for social gathering, family time, a weekend away at the lake or maybe in the mountains, it could even just be a lazy weekend at home. We automatically go into "relaxation mode" and forget all about the hard work we put in through the week at the gym and in the kitchen. If you feel like I'm talking directly to you, you need to read the rest of this blog!

Let's start with physical activity,

It can be SO easy to just not do anything on the weekends, you've had a long week at work and you need this time to relax/unwind. Maybe the kids are at the grandparents so you don't have to entertain them or maybe you have to take them to soccer practice Saturday morning and then you're tired the rest of the day so you think you shouldn't hit the gym because you need to rest up for next week.

Well, good thing exercise is a way of reducing stress and promoting better rest! When I say exercise I don't mean you have to run the race that's taking place on Saturday morning, or try a new class, do a HIIT or Crossfit workout. I mean you could simply go for a walk (it's getting chilly so throw a sweatshirt on and take a lap around the block). Also good news, your feet go everywhere with you so whether you are out of town or staying at home you can walk!

Maybe it's around the neighborhood, or during your kiddos practice, if you want a change of scenery check out a local park or go to the nearest hiking trail, if you're lucky maybe it's a stroll on the beach!

Next, the most dreadful ;) Nutrition,

Who wants to meal prep on the weekend?! Or better yet eat chicken, rice, and broccoli 7 days a week (which if you are doing this we need to find some better meals for you, but we will save that for another time).

I know it can be tough to not just go completely crazy with breakfast/brunch, lunch, and dinner dates on the weekend but just think about your goal. Is eating 4,000 calories and not exercising on the weekends going to get you to where you want to be?