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Behind every Op Fitness trainer you will find an unbeatable training program clinically proven to deliver real results. Op Fitness trainers undergo a rigorous, science-backed education gaining one or more nationally accredited certifications before proving themselves in our renowned Op Fitness onboarding program. This four to eight week protocol ensures knowledge, confidence, and proficiency in all measurable points of performance. Op Fitness trainers hold themselves and each other to the highest standard while also exceeding client expectations in exercise prescription, instruction, and nutritional guidance. These passionate men and women strive to build a safe and sensible training method, tailored specifically for the needs, goals, and everyday life of their clients. 


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Clayton Tandy

owner | personal trainer

Military trained, Clayton Tandy brings a focused approach to achieving your fitness goals. Clayton has proven results with his clients. Functional fitness is the name of the game with him!



personal trainer

Griffin Green received his B.A. in Kinesiology & Integrative Physiology from Hanover College and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He is enrolled in the Masters of Kinesiology program with a concentration in Exercise Physiology, at Western Kentucky University.

As a former collegiate athlete, Griffin has a passion for helping individuals improve their strength, endurance, mobility, and body composition. Specifically, he specializes in athletic/sports performance and strength conditioning.

Griffin wants to give his clients the confidence to go outside of their comfort zone and provide them with the opportunities to become the best version of themselves. He has a drive to help others discover their weaknesses and commit to the process to eliminate them. By developing beneficial habits, actions, and a positive mindset, he hopes to help people pursue success and make excellence a habit.

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Kaeli Furman has raised the bar and gained much respect at Western Kentucky University through her accomplishments and leadership skills unmatched by her peers.

Kaeli is an Exercise Science Major graduating Spring 2020 with distinguished academic achievements. While excelling in her studies at Western, her friends and colleagues quickly realized she had a unique ability to design and implement personalized fitness and nutrition programs. She has been using these skills and talents for more than three years now training individuals of all backgrounds.

Kaeli is working heard to help others set realistic and attainable goals, while throwing out the "diet culture" mentality so that more people naturally adopt a healthy lifestyle change, not a temporary fix. Kaeli's goal as a trainer is to motivate, educate, and guide others to become happier and healthier.

Her areas of expertise include weight loss, muscle building, geriatrics, corrective exercise, and nutrition. She plans to bring some very special additions to the OpFitness Team and Family.


Hillary greene

personal trainer

    Hillary J. Greene holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science (2019) and Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication (2008), both earned at Western Kentucky University. In pursuit of the second degree at WKU, she found her calling, giving rise to several high-level certifications including: American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Exercise Physiologist, Exercise is Medicine, Personal Trainer, and National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Nutrition Coach.

    Hillary is a competitive-recreational athlete in the obstacle course racing (OCR) circuit. She credits the sport as the driving factor that transformed exercise from a hobby into a career.  Helping others dominate their own obstacles and celebrate small victories is at the heart of her approach to training. Hillary invokes a competitive community atmosphere when leading group fitness classes. Creating lifelong warriors is her goal, and she strives to inspire strength and confidence in every member with every session.

    Hillary is a champion for building healthy, lifelong habits in pursuit of quality of life and longevity. Her expertise lies in group fitness, chronic condition management, nutrition, wedding physique, metabolic training, OCR prep, endurance event coaching, and strength/endurance hybrid athletic training.