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Down Arrow

Private fitness club.

performance training.

community focused and quality driven

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Take your first step to a healthier lifestyle


Executive Fitness Club and Op Fitness have recently merged to offer a fitness club like no other with exclusive access to personal trainers helping you make health dreams a reality. Located downtown Bowling Green at 513 State Street, the newly connected facility is strategically designed to help you move, look, and feel better. Becoming more active, pain-free, and athletic is now in reach. Whether you want to gain muscle, lose weight, talk nutrition, or discuss your unique health needs - this is where the accountability starts. Our team will go the extra mile, developing specific plans with accountability, to ensure sure you are achieving your goals. Are you ready to step up to the challenge?

What sets EFC apart from other gyms? We’re a private facility with limited membership. Not only does that make our 11,000 square foot facility more spacious and comfortable, but it allows everyone who joins our club to feel like they’re part of a community. Whether you’re using workout or cardio machines, opting for bodyweight work on the turf, frequenting a class, or simply taking advantage of our many amenities/common areas, you’re sure to see familiar faces along the way. We’ve never viewed our private label to be exclusive, in fact, it’s the exact opposite. We aim to make our top-of-the-line facility feel inclusive and supportive of all, regardless of their fitness level, and encourage our members to do the same. When you join EFC, you don’t just join a gym. You join a family that’s focused on fitness and the wellbeing of others.

why join the club?

- Limited membership, resulting in a community feel

- Never crowded

- 11,000 square foot facility in Downtown Bowling Green

- top-of-the-line training opportunities

- unbeatable amenities


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Personal training


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meet the OP TRAINERS

Accountability. Tell us about your fitness goals, challenges and we will design a custom plan for you to achieve your goals. Training for a competition? Struggle with accountability? Don't know what or even how to prepare your meals? We've got you!

Clayton Tandy

Military trained, Clayton brings a focused approach to achieving your fitness goals. Clayton has proven results with his clients. Functional fitness is the name of the game with him!  

Kaeli Furman

Kaeli Furman has raised the bar at WKU within the Exercise Science Dept. She has a unique ability to design and implement personalized fitness and nutrition programs for clients. 



Griffin Green

As a former collegiate athlete, Griffin has a passion for helping individuals improve their strength, endurance, mobility, and body composition. Specifically, he specializes in athletic/sports performance and strength conditioning.


Hillary J. Greene holds two degrees, a B.S. in Exercise Science and a B.A. in Mass Communications, from WKU. She is a champion for building healthy, lifelong habits in pursuit of quality life and longevity.

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“Knowing I am going to be challenged while having fun! Form, sleep, and nutrition are top priorities for EFC! ”